Turtles and Eagles

Can you believe these two?

One balancing on a log, the other with his butt in the air.  Silly turtles!

These pictures were taken by Tami last week, when the temps were so much warmer than the past few days.  She’d happened upon a small sunny cove, protected from the wind.  As she paddled in, she heard several PLOPS, in a row.  So she sat silently.


Sure enough, one by one, the painted turtles crawled back  onto the bankings, and the logs.

When an eagle flew overhead, they fell back into the water, and the whole thing started all over again.

Well, except for the guy on the log.  He couldn’t get himself off of there fast enough!

And speaking of eagles.  Tami couldn’t resist snapping a few more pics of the nest from the back side of the island this time.

She plans to check the nest tomorrow.  Perhaps we’ll find out how many babies are actually in there . . .



It’s Turtle Season

The turtles are back!

Once a year, the turtles climb all the way UP the hill from the lake to the playground/playing field or office area to lay their eggs.

And at least once a year, a camper thinks a turtle is lost and they take them back to the lake before they’ve had a chance to lay their eggs.  Which means the poor turtle . . .

has to trek all the way BACK UPHILL once again.

So if you find a turtle the size of a dessert plate or bigger, let them be.  If you find one the size of a dime,

It’s okay to help it to the lake.

I’m sure he’d appreciate the ride!

Wildlife pictures courtesy of The Richards

Jeff and Debbie Richards gave Tami some awesome wildlife photos this week . . .

Here’s an adult eagle with its baby

Right now, the baby eagle is all over the lake, so he’s hard to find.  Especially since he blends into the trees so well.

Here’s a great shot of a turtle sunning himself

Can you see the dragonfly sunning himself on the turtle’s back?

And here are the fox pictures I promised.  This little guy came trotting through the sites in the middle of the quiet week, right by Jeff and Debbie’s camper

He made his way to the edge of the volleyball court and laid in the sun.

Kind of cute, huh?