2011 Poland Spring Campground Justice League

Beware Evil Doers!

We’re the Poland Spring Campground Justice League, and you don’t want to tangle with us!


Because we can run faster than a speeding bullet . . .

Jump higher than the tallest building . . .

Make our own Super Hero costumes to hide our identity . . .

Mask making . . . with Mom's help. She's the only one you can trust your secret identity with
Cape making

We can shoot water balloons at evil villains . . .

and then tie them up with toilet paper!

Poor Cat Woman

Those villains were no match for us!  Not when you have super heroes like these hanging around the campground all day . . .

Spiderman has an admirer
BatGirl found her batman!
Spidey and some of his favorite Superheros . . . is that a villain in the middle?
Super Girl gives the Joker a "talking to"
That's a pretty amazing group of Superwomen!

There were superheros at horseshoes . . . superheros at the scavenger hunt . . . and superheros at the hayride too!

Tami wants to make a BIG, BIG shout-out to all the amazing helpers  .  . .

Bryant, Nancy, Mighty M, Debbie, Tami, Alex and Maggie
Our Super Villains who let the Justice League pelt them with waterballoons
We even got David to dress up!

I cleverly hid my secret identity behind a cape and mask to arrive as

Dah ~ Da ~DA!

Mighty Moose

Do you think anyone knew it was me???