Sci Fi Weekend ~ 2017


What?  Look!  That shirt!  Those ears!

Star Trek!  They’re filming Star Trek in the campground!

“Look again, Maxx,” the Star Trek Captain said.

Oh pooey!  I got all excited for a minute there. It’s just Sammie, dressed up like a Star Trek character.  She got me good that time.

Soooooo .  . . if Star Trek hasn’t invaded the campground, it must be . . .

Sci Fi Weekend!

And here’s some more alien visitors!

Saturday was filled with lots and lots of fun . . .

There was Arts and Crafts in the rec hall!  Our little campers made alien masks and their very own alien sidekicks!

Brooke led everyone in Space Games at the playing field, then they shot off water balloons, too.  After lunch, the teens gathered to make jewelry, while other kids ran around the campground gathering items on the Alien Scavenger Hunt list.

The biggest hit of the day, was the Slime Eating contest . . .

What IS that stuff???


Heeeeey!  Wait a minute . . . that looks like . . .

Jello! It IS jello.

I knew it all the time.

We wrapped the day up with a hayride around the campground.  Always my favorite part of a Saturday!

I wish I had more pictures to show you .  . . but Tami was off at the Wildlife Park talking with all her readers and stuff about wildlife and books and things like that.  But Brooke and Sammie saved the day with the pictures above!  Thanks you two!