Loon Photos from camper Paul Joyce

The Joyce Family brought Tami some loon photos this morning.

And we all know how much Tami loves her loons!  It’s been “the loons this!”  and “the loons that!” and “Aren’t the loons soooooo cute!” all . . . day . . . long.

She used to talk about ME like that!

Here’s the empty nest, the first clue the babies hatched, because right away, Mom and Dad coax them to the water.

They’ll never set foot on land again, until they’re ready to have chicks of their own.

So Paul and his family went about fishing and trolling.  It didn’t take long until they ran into the loons family.

And sure enough they didn’t just find one ~

They found two babies!

How awesome is that?   They’re sooooo cute.  But soooo vulnerable.   Snapping turtles and large fish are predators from below; the eagles from above.  Mom and Dad are going to have to keep them very, very close.