One or two eagle babies . . . you be the judge!

Tami took these series of photos on Sunday -(not her best work – but in her defense, the wind was whipping hard enough to cause white caps on the lake – and her fingers were frozen within minutes)

No babies . . .

One baby over here . . .

One baby over there . . .

And then the first one pokes back up again.

Tami and I never saw two baby heads at the same time, so it might be the same baby moving around in that humongous nest.  But we like to think there’s two in there.

Shortly after Tami took these, there was a driving gust of wind.  It almost pushed the adult eagle off the side.  She held firm though, and I watched her poke around in the nest a bit, before hunkering down low in it.

I suppose “the house” is getting a little crowded, now!

4 Replies to “One or two eagle babies . . . you be the judge!”

  1. beautiful pics cant wait to see them for myself see you at clean up. we will see you friday yyaaaaaa.

  2. We will have to check them out ourselves. See you TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was great to see you this past weekend, and thanks for the sign!! BTW, did you see my latest post??? There’s triplets in the nest!

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