The Loon Family


Remember me?


The campground mascot?

Well, I’m glad someone does!

That Tami!  You know what she did?  She went out kayaking on Lower Range Pond yesterday and she didn’t even ask me.

She said she . . . *gasp* . . . FORGOT ME!

She left me behind with David to watch those Patriots get beat.  Sheesh.

And you know what’s even worse??   She found the loon family out there!  Look at these awesome photos . . .

Tami said she just floated there quietly, snapping photo after photo with her big camera while the mother and baby loon dove, fed, waggled their feet and preened for about 45 minutes.

Tami said the coolest moment was when the two dove at the same time, but for once, Mom popped back up first.  She gave a soft hoot, calling for her chick

but there was no answer.  She called a second time . . . and a third . . . still no answer. Even Tami was getting kind of nervous.  Finally, the baby came back up.


Tami also said the colors are about to turn . . .

Awwww!  Say it ain’t so!